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Deveio Technologies is a METAVERSE company founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but primarily based in the metaverse! We are a company dedicated to providing and developing the most satisfying and personalized virtual reality and metaverse experiences to our clients. Our mission is to establish and maintain our reputation as one of the world’s leading Metaverse development companies - delivering completely tailored meta-services, experiences and products to the world.



"The Metaverse is something we're all here to create. Deveio is just one small part of a much larger equation.

Never has there been a more exciting time in history for entire industries to integrate themselves heavily into the digital and web 3.0 world.


At Deveio, we're not only setting the standard for what is possible within the metaverse, but we're listening to the community, the world and what everyone wants it to be.


We all have the ability to create it and make it something truly amazing, and we hope you'll join us on that journey."

Matthew Losiak

CEO, Founder of DEVEIO

Instagram: @Matlo.3D




Jay Vanity Upton, also known as Jay, is a metaverse entrepreneur and has several endeavors in architecture and furniture design. She has established herself as a household name in the metaverse already, putting her skills to use while obtaining an under grad in project management, fashion marketing & prototyping. Thus far, she has sat close to and worked with some of the highest tier world creators in Horizon Worlds, few of which are even part of the Deveio family! As the company continues to grow, Jay hopes to bring incredible insight to Deveio, to her clients and to the metaverse community.

Instagram: @JayVanityUpton



Wiley W. David, also known online as "DayDreamDavey", is quickly becoming the gold standard for what is possible within the metaverse. He's the brilliant entrepreneur & creator behind popular worlds within Horizon such as Day Dream Academy, Davey's World and The Bunker. His vast knowledge, expertise and vision allow his clients and clients of Deveio to tap into a whole array of opportunities within the metaverse. The best part is, he's just getting warmed up. Get in touch with him, you'll be glad you did.

Instagram: @DayDreamDavey



Jon Fenster is the epitome of what a cinematography genius embodies. With over a decade of media & photography experience, the value and expertise Jon brings to the table to Deveio and it's partners are far beyond any monetary value. Jon is the brilliant mind behind some the best looking broadcast, television, digital media and photography ever seen. With Jon's guidance and amazing skills, Deveio looks to hopefully roll out some amazing advertisements, campaigns and client commercial work. We couldn't happier and more excited to partner with Jon Fenster.

Instagram: @jfen



KeShaun Camon is an serial entrepreneur that’s owns several businesses & brands related from everything to music and entertainment to fashion & digital marketing. The talent and insight brought to the table by KeShaun Camon, his brands and his connections are a welcome addition to the Deveio family and we couldn't be more happy to enter into this exciting partnership together.

Instagram: @RealKDC



Junyuhvr is a lifelong lover of the internet and all its possibilities. He spends his days creating and exploring the virtual worlds that we all can create.

His passion is helping people use social media to connect with their personal brand and their audience in an authentic way. He is also an aspiring artist with an impressive list of tracks available on Spotify. His wealth of experience in the metaverse bring a whole array of value to the team.

Junyuhvr wants everyone to become a part of the future today, and we couldn't be more excited to have him as part of the Deveio family and on our advisory board.

Instagram: @junyuhvr



Cheeksz215vr is the head of Meta Source Promotions LLC company, bringing to Deveio amazing promotional guidance, expertise and services. If there is something exciting going on in the metaverse, you can always count on her and her team to be behind the lens taking video and pictures, editing amazing promotional material and giving great exposure to artists, worlds and everything in between. She is also a member of the Soul Sisters podcast and a powerful representative for women in the metaverse space.

Instagram: @cheeksz215vr




FlexedTie, also known as Flexed, is a rising architect and entrepreneur in the metaverse. From the vibrant and colorful dance floors of his exclusive club “Lumen” to the elegant sophistication of “Penthouse 78” & “Van Guard Penthouse”. FlexedTie strives to redefine the standard of what is possible with each new build within Horizon. He specializes in a modernist and minimalistic approach with a special appreciation for the style of Art Deco. FlexedTie is looking forward to working with the Deveio team and future clients.

Instagram: @flexedtie.vr

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